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Ernst Blignaut

This is my Curriculum Vitae. I am a Full Stack Developer from Potchefstroom and I studied at the North West University (BSc IT) and at CTU Training Solutions (NQF5, MCSD). Currently working on multiple advance systems either with a team or solo.

My Story

I’m Ernst Blignaut. Full Stack Developer. I started programming in Grade 10 and instantly developed a passion. While I studied at NWU (BSc IT) and CTU (NQF5 & MCSD) I applied for a 3-week internship at Jericho Systems. After I applied for a job at Dankospark while doing my studies on the sideline, I would say most of my skills and experience were achieved at DankoSpark where I learned Core REST API’s, Angular and Android development. I then applied for a Job at Verishare because of better financial benefits.
But unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic they needed to reduce employees and I only got a months training in Java using the Spring framework and React. Then I where forced to do Freelancing and surprisingly I gained immense experience in the programming environment:

I started doing websites when I where still on Collage for some extra pocket cash to spend on friends then when I started working at Dankospark I handled my studies and some side jobs on the side for example plain WordPress sites and simple small Apps.
When I started training at Verishare I had no time for side but only training in the Java Spring framework. When I actually started freelancing I started tackling not small website but also ecommerce

sites, Full Administrative systems and Full Stack Mobile Applications Some working with a Team other handled as a solo developer. And also did some Contract work through Codezoo.

My Profesional life

Currently doing freelancing and self-employed. But also doing Contract work from time to time

Social life

All though I am a nerd and a geek, I love hunting and sharing time with family and friends in nature. And I also just got engaged.

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